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For Release: Immediately

PContact : Chilton G. Goebel, Jr., APR

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...New Multimedia Workstation Combines Power With Expansion Capabilities

West Chester, PA. -- August 21, 1991 -- Commodore Business Machines, Inc.. has introduced the Amiga 3000T, a full-height "Vertical" version of its Amiga 3000. The A3000T provides users with built-in expansion capabilities without the need for external devices.

"The A3000T represents the next wave of A3000 technology," said David Archambault, director of business markets, Commodore Business Machines, Inc. "it is a multimedia workstation that combines all the capabilities of the A3000 with an unprecedented level of expandability and power."

The A3000T supports a variety of drive bays -- two 3.5-inch drives; one 5.25-inch half-height drive,mounted horizontally; and two 5.25-inch half-height drives, mounted vertically. Inside, behind these drives, there is space for two more internal 5.25-inch half-height drives. The available drive bays make it possible to internally install up to seven devices in the A3000T.

The workstation's expansion slots include a fast slot for a 68040 accelerator, a video slot for internal video devices, up to five Amiga/Zorro III slots (depending on configuration of peripherals), and four Bridgeport PC Slots (depending on configuration of peripherals).

The A3000T includes its own built-in speaker, which handles most ordinary sound requirements. It also has a new high-resolution two button mouse. Commodore supplies an extra-long mouse cable to reach from the floor-standing unit to the user's desktop.

Power and hard-disk lights, an on/off switch and a key switch are located on the outside of the case. The key switch locks the mouse and keyboard to prevent unauthorized access.

The Amiga 3000T is powered by a 25 MHZ Motorola 68030 CPU on the motherboard, with a 68882 math coprocessor. The standard configuration features a 100 MB (18ms) hard disk drive, autoboot hard disk controller, and a 3.5-inch 880K floppy disk drive. Two megabytes of 32 bit RAM are standard; memory can be internally expanded to 18 MB of RAM on the motherboard. The 32-bit bus architecture also allows the high- speed transfer of large amounts of information between devices.

"The A3000T is a power user's delight," Archambault said. "It contains all the new features of the A3000, plus more room for expansion than the A2000 and A3000 combined."

Amiga 3000T workstations are available now to developers. Dealers will have units shortly. Customer shipments will begin in October, 1991. The retail price for an A3000T with 100 MB hard disk is $4498.00. The price with 200 MB hard disk drive is $4998.00.

Photos and Product sheets available upon request.




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