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Amiga Corporation Photo Album

It seems fitting that the Amiga should end the century under the ownership of a company that really cares about it and the surrounding community. It promises to be a very exciting time for the Amiga.
One of the only images of Dean Brown on the net

Dean Brown
Director of Hardware at Amiga. Responsible for dozens of Amiga products over the last 15 years. Read more

Francis Charig Francis Charig
Chairman and CEO of Tao Group.
Chris Hinsley Chris Hinsley
Founder and Director of Technology at Tao Group.
Randall 'Randy' Hughes Randall 'Randy' Hughes
Mysterious third man in the Amiga purchase. Former sales account manager and regional sales manager at QNX, responsible for managing several key accounts, including Gateway and Amiga. Co-founding partner of Amiga and the Vice President of Sales and Strategic Alliances.
Bill McEwen Bill McEwen 
During his time at Amiga his job title described him as Head of Marketing and Software Evangelist. He has become one of the last people at Amiga who cared about the existing community. He lost his job at Amiga Inc. in 1999 when it became clear the company had evolved beyond its original purpose. Afterwards he was approached by Fleecy Moss to set up Amino Development Corporation and is now president of Amiga Inc. View an older image (8K) 
Fleecy Moss Fleecy Moss
Joined Amiga Inc. during 1997 as Developer Relations and Strategic Projects Manager. After he lost his job at Amiga Inc. during 1998 he pioneered the Amiga cause developing KOSH and AQUA. He now lives on a farm raising baby Amigas.
Graham Nice Graham Nice
Commercial director at Tao Group.
Cajun food! Yum! Gary Peake
Gary is a long-time Amiga user who took over the development of Team Amiga to create a world wide Amiga community (before the Internet really took off). He is currently Director of Developer Support.
Vincent Pfeifer Vincent P. Pfeifer
Vince joined Amiga Inc. in March 2000 as VP of Operations. He has over 14 years of experience working in the industry. He is also editor of the official Amiga World online magazine.
Gordon Stone

Gordon Stone
Director of Information Technology

Susan Sutton - sorry for

Susan Sutton

Director of Finance and Human Resources.

Petro Petro Taras Tyschtschenko
Born in 1943. Petro was first regarded with some suspicion when he first took over at Amiga Technologies. Since then he has managed to keep the platform alive, even during the Escom liquidation. He is more of a salesman than technology oriented but supports the Amiga without the personal politics that have plagued other Amiga employees. In October 2000 he announced his retirement.


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