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In contrast to the Commodore-Amiga and Gateway-Amiga Inc. of old, the new Amiga Inc. have firmly stated that they will remain a software developer, allowing third parties to construct their own AMIE-based system. To aid the development of this market Amiga Inc. have produced broad guidelines on the specifications required by AMIE for a specific market.

Amiga on the Zico specification:

"In order to provide hardware companies with guidance to the new Amiga Digital Environment, Amiga is creating a series of specifications aimed at the varying markets inherent in the digital device space. Companies who partner with Amiga produce products that meet that minimum specification and undergo rigorous quality and certification processes. Only then can their products be released as official Amiga sanctioned product. This is our guarantee to the customer. 

The 'zico' specification is our first generation specification aimed at the desktop and workstation markets. Any partner implementing the zico specification and passing successfully through our quality and certification processes is allowed to badge and sell their product as an AmigaOne, the first wave of new Amiga product."

Amiga 'Zico' Specifications
Zico Specs could produce a machine like this
Announced: October 21st, 2000
Developer: Amiga Inc.

The Zico specification provides a guideline for users and developers when building an Amiga DE  system (hosted on another OS). PowerPC systems that conform to the Zico specification will also be AmigaOS 4.x compatible.

The initial specifications were completed in July 2000 and reviewed for three months to assess its viability.

The zico specification are as follows;

  • One AmigaDE friendly host processor (PPC, x86, Arm, SH4, MIPS)
  • 64MB+ memory
  • Next Generation Matrox graphics card
  • Creative EMU10K1 based audio card
  • 10 GB+ HD
  • CD/DVD
  • USB 1.0
  • Firewire
  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
  • 56k modem
  • Spare PCI slots for expandibility
The list dictates the basic system that should be sold by third parties. Even at the time of the announcement this spec was considered to be at the low-end of the scale. Its intention is to produce a software base that uses resources efficiently and allow third parties to produce cheap consumer system that retail under £300.

A breakdown of the Zico Specifications.

Amiga announce the AmigaOne
MeterNet Frequently Asked Questions
Amiga PDA Specifications
Amiga PDAs - the specifications
Announced: January 27th, 2001
Developer: Amiga Inc.

The PDA market has been a high priority for Amiga during 2001, however, they have not made an official announcement on the subject. Gary Peake provided some guidelines on the PDA specifications on the AmiOpen mailing list:

QVGA (240*320 Pixel)
16 Bit Color
16 Bit Stereo (requires Amiga SDK 1.1)
GameBoy-style two button interface and directional device
Should use less than 2Mb RAM

Software can be written to this specification in the Amiga SDK by creating a 16-bit 240*320 AVE window. This will provide a replica of the PDA environment.

Amiga-News (27th January)
Amiga Developer site

Last Update: 1/11/2001

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