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Issue No: 2 Price: £4.95
Publication Date: Thursday October 28, 1999 Page Count: 76
Month: November 1999 Editor: Andrew Korn
Issue 2

Amiga OS 3.5!
The first review, only in Amiga Active!

Old Dog, New Flicks
Playing movies on your Amiga.

Low Polygon Modelling
Getting more with less, from 3D.

Psygnosis' racer... for the Amiga.

Demo Scene On Trial
Tony Horgan voices his opinions...

Also inside...
MCC sinks Amiga announce they are scrapping plans for the MCC.
...Phoenix flies "... a new platform to take the Amiga community forwards."
IBM goes POP IBM announce an initiative to promote PowerPC as a processor for Linux systems.
X-Lights the Spot New lighting control software, X-Light available for free download.
More games from Alive Alive Mediasoft announce launch of Putty Squad, Cedric, Whale's Voyage 2 and Goal! 2000.
Birthday web sites AmiBench celebrates second anniversary, Amiga Central celebrates first.
French Renaissance French Amiga magazine ANews re-launches almost a year after it closed.
World Construction Set (again) 3D Nature announce World Construction Set 4.5 will be ported to the Amiga.
Quantum and Element 14 bought! Quantum's hard drive division bought by Maxtor, Element 14 bought by Broadcom.
Imagine all the people... Amiga 3D renderer Imagine on version 5.16.
PowerPC races on IBM and Motorola announce their plans for the future of the PowerPC line.
Psion Adventure Psion launch the Series 5MX and Series 7
QNX partners up QNX partners with a joint IBM/Embedded Plant/Motorola venture and National Semiconductor, to develop new mobile products.
Amiga 0800 Wirenet announces limited free access to the Internet.
Real3D to Return? Realsoft rumoured to be looking for someone to port Realsoft 4D to Amiga PPC.
Mad cows at Gateway Gateway sponge cows recalled in BSD inspired fears that small children may choke on the cuddly beef replicas.


Getting stuck in!! Andrew Korn, the eternal perfectionist, describes what went wrong with the first issue.
Rants and Raves:
Nice hardware, shame about the operating system Andrew Korn takes a look at the 350MHz G3 iMac.
Freedom of choice Simon Archer comments on why the Amiga is attracting more media attention than ever.
Better off ignored? Jason Compton wonders why Gateway made so many vapourous announcements.
All to play for? Chris Green comments on the cancellation of the MCC and looks for alternatives.
Amiga is dead - long live the Amiga Neil Bothwick argues that the Amiga market does not need Gateway's "support".
Back for the future Part 2: Phoenix Rising In the second part of this feature Amiga Active takes a closer look at the Phoenix Consortium, and the current plans of Gateway-Amiga, Amino, Met@box, Phase 5, QNX and Rebol.
Low in Polygon Saturates Four-page feature on how to get the most out of your hardware when 3D's concerned.
Rebol with a cause? An introduction to Carl Sassenrath's Rebol programming language.
Teaching an old dog New Flicks David Stroud provides a roundup of movie players for the Amiga.
About about... Graphics cards Part 2: The 3rd dimension The current state of 3D hardware on the Amiga.


Amiga Adventures Previews of Gilbert Goodmate, Diablo's Land, Evil's Doom SE, and Nightlong.  
Wipeout 2097 Preview of Psygnosis' classic racer for the Amiga.  


All review scores are marked out of ten.

AmigaOS 3.5 The long-awaited upgrade to the Amiga operating system. 8/10
Power Tower A4000 Tower upgrade for the A4000. 8/10
STFax 4 Fax application that has developed telephone, voicemail, and BBS facilities over the years. 9/10
AmIRC 3.2 Vapor Software's IRC client. Unrated
mFTP-II Vapor Software's FTP client. Unrated
Virtual GP Not as you may think, a holographic doctor, Paolo Cattani's VGP provides realistic 3D racing on the Amiga. 7/10
Foundation DC An updated version of Paul Burley's civilization clone. 8/10
Best of Gremlin Classic games from the Gremlin vaults. 8/10
Making the most of Candy Factory Pro Graphic techniques in this popular graphics application.
Using PDF Reading and creating PDF on the Amiga.
On Trial Tony Horgan puts the Amiga demo scene on trial, accusing it of being "a bit rubbish, really."
Active Shareware Simon Archer takes a look at SimpleFTP, Newscoaster, Pure Basic and BirdiePrefs.
Interactive - Letters to the Editor Readers give their opinion on the first issue.
Active Gallery Amiga Active takes a look at the Amiga fanzine, Clubbed.
Ask the Guru The Guru meditates on CD audio, SVGA monitor, keyboard adapter, and LAN problems.
Active Online Neil Bothwick gives tips on creating a professional looking site.
Cool Sites, AmiBench, Amiga Web Ring, Urban Legends and Slashdot.
RetroActive Jason Compton recalls the vapour A1000 add-ons and comments on the continuing Elite saga.
"If all goes well, the Neutrino OS will run our existing AmigaOS applications under emulation - much like MacOS does with 68k Mac applications"
- Chris Green, two years before Haage & Partner launch AmigaOS XL.

* Active Media - A rag-tag collection of web sites, CD-ROMs, book, DVDs, and other media.

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