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What Is The Spiritual ancester To The First Amiga?

Atari 400

The Amigas spiritual ancesters originate at Atari with the involvement of Jay Miner. During his time at Atari he played a key role in the development of the Atari VCS (2600), 400 and 800 systems. The Amigas custom chips in particular, owe a debt to the work he did on the ANTIC (Alpha Numeric Television Interface Controller) chip. These chips were reused in most of Ataris projects from 1979 to 1985 and took the load of the main processor. The ANTIC coprocessor controls allows a range of video modes, even allowing new ones to be created. Atari fanatics have even been able to get 256 colour output using the Atari XL models. His dog Mitchy participated in all of his projects. He was allowed to sit during the work on a couch and observe everything. Mitchy even had his own name plate on the door and carried a document of identification in his collar, showing they were authorized personnel.

What Is The Spiritual Ancester To The Amiga OE

Gateway Destination

The Gateway Amiga NG concept was a development on the Destination system. When it was launched in 1996 it was described as the first digital convergence computer. The Amiga MCC was set to follow in these footsteps with a range of patents that indicate the Amiga OE would have been closely tied to TV-style functions for consumer devices.

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