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"the first new Amiga hardware in over 6 years"
Amiga Inc. October 21st, 2000
Developer: Amiga Inc., Eyetech, & bPlan
Announced: 21st October 2000
Release Dates: 1Q/2Q 2001

AmigaOne is the first consumer desktop machine to be announced by Amiga Inc. since their purchase a year previous. Several developer boxes have already been launched, particularly the D'Amiga & EZDEV variants. The announcement of a consumer motherboard is a clear indication that Amiga Inc. are finalizing many of the details for the operating environment, Amiga DE.
Deformed Boing ball
Contrary to previous Amiga variants, AmigaOne will not be produced by one manufacturer. Standing by their previous announcements that they were a software company, Amiga Inc. created the specifications (mysteriously named Zico) and licensed the production of these machines to third party developers.
At the moment only two manufacturers have been announced, Eyetech and bPlan. The distinction between the two motherboard designs are based upon market share. The Eyetech variants will be aimed at the existing Amiga market, providing the ability to attach the A1200 or A4000 to the AmigaOne motherboard. Eyetech are an obvious decision to support the Amiga market, renowned for their range of Amiga DIY hardware and peripherals. bPlan intend to market their AmigaOne-compatible motherboard (the 'Pegaosos') beyond the existing Amiga market, aiming at the general computer user. Of the two, the bPlan design offers the greatest potential for expanding the Amiga market.

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