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Arcadia Multi Select system

Developer: Arcadia/Mastertronic
Launch: Late 1980s
Price: £1900

RoadWars - An Arcadia game

The product of a collaboration between Arcadia and Mastertronic to create an interchangeable arcade platform. The Arcadia M.S.S. uses an A500 motherboard as the main PCB, to which the ROM cage is attached through the external expansion port.

Title   Created and Released By  Release Date
Air Hockey [Table Hockey*] [1] Arcadia 1986-98? 
Blasta Bowl* [Blastaball*?] [2] Arcadia 1986-98? 
Ninja Mission* Arcadia 1986-98? 
Pool* Arcadia 1986-98? 
180 Darts* [World Darts*] [1] Mastertronic/Arcadia(D) 1986-98? 
Sidewinder* Arcadia 1986-98? 
Space Ranger Arcadia 1986-98? 
Sporttime Bowling* [2] Arcadia  1986-98? 
Xenon* Mastertronic/Arcadia(D)  1986-98? 
Aargh [3] Mastertronic/Arcadia(D)  1988 
Leader Board Golf Access Software/Arcadia(D)  1988 
Magic Johnson's Fast Break Arcadia 1988 
RoadWars [3] Mastertronic/Arcadia(D) 1988 
Rockford [3] Mastertronic/Arcadia(D) 1988 

Two versions of the machine are known to exist:

  • A ten-game machine that contained several variations of the games list above.
  • Two five-game versions that would cover games of a particular genre - 'Arcade Action' and 'Sports Simulation'. Although the five-game machine is mentioned in Mastertronic documentation, a complete system has never been found.
Randy Hoffman suggests that several variations of the same game were produced for the machine.
  1. I'm guessing that "Table Hockey" was simply an alternate or prerelease title for "Air Hockey," and that "World Darts" is an alternate or prerelease title for "180 Darts." The possibility exists, however, that either or both pairs of titles are for separate games.

  3. "Blasta Bowl" (or should the title be "Blastaball"?) and "Sporttime Bowling" are probably different games.

  5. "Aargh," "RoadWars," and "Rockford" were reportedly released in dedicated cabinets, and some of these have been seen, but they are probably exceedingly rare.
Thanks to John Cook and Randy Hoffman for the list of games and memories of the machine. Unfortunately these games have not been emulated by MAME... yet. .
Last Update: 22/6/2002



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