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Power A6000

Developer: Power Computing/DCE
Announced: 1997
Canceled: 1998

On October 24th, 1997, Amiga International announced they had granted a licence to DCE Computer Service GmbH that would allow the manufacture and distribution of their own range of Amiga motherboards and computers. These products would be sold under the "Powered by Amiga" logo and developed in conjunction with Power Computing. At the time, DCE Computer Service GmbH, based in Oberhausen, Germany, suggested that they had a number of Amiga clones in development, including the A5000, A6000, and a "new advanced board based on Amiga A4000." However, the World of Amiga show 1998 announcement shook the Amiga market, resulting in the public cancellation of the A5000, and the quiet disappearance of the A6000.

The A6000 specifications appeared too good to be true, resulting in speculation that it was a fake. The mid-range system has a number of similarities to the BoXeR, using an entirely new ATX motherboard layout. The original specification list indicated the machine would include the following:

Motherboard 100% compatible Amiga baby ATX-size motherboard
Processor Motorola 68060/50 MHz
Chipset AGA
Memory 2Mb Chip, 4Mb Fast (up to 64Mb fast RAM)
Drives 1.44 MB floppy drive,
1.7 GB IDE hard drive,
10 - 24 speed IDE CD-ROM,
Expansion Dual IDE interface,
4 Zorro 2 slots,
A bus slot for the addition of accelerators and MPEG card,
Additional MPEG level 1 supported,
PC or Amiga keyboard,
Optional modulator,
A scan doubler for use with cheap PC monitors,
Possible addition of PowerPC interface
Case ATX case


DCE Computer Service GmbH, in their own words
DCE Computer Service GmbH was founded 1987 in Oberhausen, Germany. The Service Company is wholly owned by Thomas Dellert. The company started as a service shop for wholesale dealer and consumer markets. Since then it has became one of the leading available Amiga repair shops. In 1993, Commodore nominated DCE to the European Amiga Repair Service Centre. Since that time, DCE has been in charge of the Amiga Service. In 1995, DCE began working on developments and productions to make the Amiga expandable.
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