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AmigaDE Player and AmigaDE Shop

Greetings to one and all:

We are very excited to announce a brand new product and service from Amiga. The AmigaDE Player.

The AmigaDE Player runs on either Windows or Linux desktops and provides everyone the ability to run all of the new AmigaDE applications today!

This is a great chance to buy and use the applications that the Amiga development community has been creating for Sharp and several other of our new partners. With several of these applications already shipping in Japan we felt that it was only right that the rest of the world should have the chance of purchasing them and enjoying them to.

We will have special pricing and a special introductory offer that will allow you to purchase the player early and then download directly to your machine when it ships in September. We are very excited about this first step towards the future of AmigaDE.

We are going to offer the AmigaDE Player for only 19.95. But for those who wish to take advantage of the pre-sale offer we are taking 5.00 off, so you are able to purchase the AmigaDE Player for either Windows or Linux desktops for only 14.95. Several applications and games will be included such as the games seen in the screenshots on the right.  AmigaDE Shop

You can purchase the AmigaDE Player at the new AmigaDE Shop where you will soon be able to check out the latest DE applications and purchase them for your own use.

Some of the applications to be available in the near future are shown below.






We are very excited about this and we hope that you will share this information with many of your friends and let them learn about the future in computing with the AmigaDE Player.

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