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 *Corporations and Government*

          Ministry of Economics, Bonn, Germany.
            Some Amigas have been used by them.

          2 nightclubs in Chicago, Illinois (names unknown).
            Amiga 500 using AmigaVision Pro, SuperGen, and DCTV.
            Nightclub ads and screen shots of patrons.
            Informational messages such as bar closings and birthdays.
            Live interactive games such as Video Post Office and Family Fued.

          A famous museum (Deutsches Museum, München Germany) used an Amiga 500
            without any expansions, for a cell-injection simulation. The program
            was coded in assembly language and artwork in DPaint 3. It was
            controlled by a standard joystick, which controlled the injection needle
            that you could move around the screen.

          ABC, American Broadcasting Company.

          American Cablevision.

          American Military.
            Used Amiga under the development of the Hellfire missile.
            (Not totally confirmed.)

  New>    Anfy Team
            Develops games for Java phones and uses Amiga 1200 for the graphics.

          ARD, German television company.
            Uses/used AMIGA to make overlays, titeling etc.

          Armagh Planetarium, Northern Ireland.
            They use the Amigas in their display rooms.

          AT&T Broadband.
            Amiga's are currently in use at their Head-ends in Troutdale
            (East Portland), Beaverton (West Portland - Vancouver, WA and Salem, OR) for
            AT&T information graphics on Community TV Channel 26 and Leased access
            Channel 1/99. The graphics contain AT&T information for
            their cable customers.

          AT&T Broadband Studio.
            Still uses an Amiga for CG (using Sheriff systems software or Scala mm400)
            and a Super Gen.  Current studio productions include Spectrum (used to be NE
            Spectrum), The Mayor's Forum, and PrimeTimers.

          Atlanta Georgia 1996 Olympics Planning Board.
            Previsualization, storyboarding, and advertising.

          Auto Sim, Tromsö, Norway.
            Used Amiga 4000 computers to model objects they used in their
            simulation products which they sold to the military.

  New>    BBC, UK.
            Amigas used for a adventure game show called "Knightmare" for kids.

          BC Hydro, Vancouver, Canada.
            Interactive video displays.

          Bergen and Trondheim Airport, Norway.
            Used Amigas for displaying various stuff around the whole airport.

          British Navy.
            Bought a radar system based on Amigas in -97.

          Brookhaven Cable in Long Island, New York.

          Brooklyn Queens Cable, Brooklyn, New York.
            Pay Per View.

          Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, CBC Broadcast Center in Toronto.
            Information Kiosks, for finding studios and offices.

          CERN, European Particle Research Laboratory (location unknown).
            Display of Particle Accelerator Complex.

          Channel 4, UK.
            Uses/used a modified Amiga A1200 for tele cue.

          CIA, Central Intelligence Agency, United States of America.
            Animations used to produce classified national security videos.
            Used in presentations for President Bush and President Clinton.

          CineMaxx, in "Bonn/Bad Godesberg and Münich", Germany.
            Uses Amiga computers to show which film runs in which of the 14 cinemas,
            how much it costs and how many seats are free. In the cinema there are at
            least 10 - 30 TV-screens which shows the information, created with the Amiga.
            The Amigas are also in a network with the PCs used for the ticket-office.

  New>    CN Tower, Toronto, Canada.
            Used two Amiga 2000's in their games area.
            They were linked together for playing a virtual reality shooting
            game complete with full head gear for the display.
            This was back in 1996, and has since been removed.

          Detroit Metro International Airport, Detroit, Canada.
            Amigas are used for security video at the international terminal.

          Digital Equipment Corporation.
            Amiga based multimedia workstations.

          Dow Chemical Inc., Michigan.
            Closed circuit news broadcasting.
            Developed by Michael Fischer.

  New>    Durham Constabulary/Cleveland Constabulary, police force, UK.
            Used Amiga 4000 as point of information terminals.

          Dutch television, Netherlands.
            Hitbingo, weekly 1.5 hour gameshow with Amiga generated displays.
            Televizierring 1993, yearly award for best television program.
             Amiga controlled video wall and graphics production.
            Ik weet het beter, Amiga produced graphics.

          ESAB, Sweden.
            Is a rather big and multinational welding company.
            Uses several Amigas and mainly SuperBase Professional.

          Fire Department in Rotterdam, Netherlands.
            Amiga used to control systems in training areas and report progress.

          Ford Motor Company, in automobile assembly plants (InfoChannel).

          Ford Werke A.G. Köln, Germany.
            Uses Amiga Forever and Metaview to convert "cgm" to "bitmap" files.

  New>    Greece television.
            Amiga and Scala used.

          Hamburg Railway station, Germany.
            Uses Amiga to display commercials etc on a huge video display.

          Hotel Bristol, Bergen, Norway.
            Uses/used Amigas for hotel-tv.

          InfoChannel, Scala Inc..

          International Business Machines.
            Multimedia displays.

          IoMega Corp
            Video Toasters used for video production.

          Israeli Air Force.
            Amiga generated flight simulators for pilot training.

          JPL, technology and astronomy lab.
            Distant Suns, astronomy software.

          Kempener Lichtspiele (a cinema), Kempen, Germany.
            Two Amigas are used to display which movie they are showing.
            A third Amiga is/was used in a sunstudio to control the rooms.

  New>    Liberty Science Center, New Jersey, USA.
            Amiga 2500 with Video Toaster doing interactive video demonstrations.

          LILCO, Long Island Lighting Company, New York.
            Corporate training videos.

          Maclean-Hunter, Peterborough, Ontario.
            Cable 6 Community Programming.

          Marine Institute of Technology, St Johns, Newfoundland.
            Amiga 4000/040 running AmigaVision Pro.
            Amiga based kiosk with course listings, faculty, directions, events.
            Multimedia course based on Amigas.

          Maryland Science Center, Baltimore, Maryland.
            Hubble Space Telescope exhibit.
            Amiga controlled laser disc players.
            Interactive astronomical data processing station

          Metro-Cable Association, Toronto, Ontario.
            ATV Toronto.

            Video Toasters used for internal video production.

          Meteor Crater, (Northern Arizona).
            Interactive information kiosks in visitor's center.

          NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas.
            Space Center Houston, space shuttle computer simulators for visitors.

          NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Association.
            AmiLink control systems.
            Amiga's used in Hanger EA.

          NBC, National Broadcasting Company.

          NCR, Dayton, Ohio.
            Video Toasters used for internal video production.

          NCR, El Segundo, California.
            Video Toasters used for internal desktop publishing course

          Net-SC (cable TV operator), Brazil.
            Uses Scala (year 1999 at least)(version unknown).

          Neurostoners, Nintendo gamedevelopers.
            Used an Amiga 1200 to port Pinball Fantasies from the Amiga to
            the Nintendo in 1996.

          NewTek, Inc., of Topeka Kansas.
            Creator of the Video Toaster and the Screamer.
            Emmy Award winner for developments in television engineering.

          Nuclear Electric, Ipswich.
            Amiga controlled MCR simulator for Sizewell B Control Room.

          Oak Ridge Museum, Tennessee.
            Amiga produced educational games.

 Updated> Ontario Science Center, Toronto, Ontario.
            Amiga 500, it is used to show a map of the world,
            with the postioning of all known satellites as they orbit above
            the planet. The display is updated in real time, and you can control
            a track ball to highlight an object and then get information on it.

  New>    Open Channel, (local TV network) Gothenburg + Stockholm, Sweden.
            Uses Amiga for various stuff.

          Pay Per View.
            Amiga generated video sequences.

          PBS, Public Broadcasting System.
            Various television series.

          Philips Inc., Netherlands.
            Amiga used in research labs for LCD displays.

          Philips, Sidewalk Studio, Santa Monica, California.
            CD-I software development using various Amigas.

          Police Department in Gouda, Netherlands.
            Amigas used to capture and display criminals and suspects.

          Prevue Networks of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
            Creaters of Prevue Guide.

          Rede Record (TV network), Brazil.
            Used/uses Scala (version unknown).

          Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Rensselaer, New York.
            Electronic Arts minor degree.
            3 A3000's, 2 A500's, 1 Video Toaster workstation.
            Used to teach video production techniques.
            Final projects developed using the Video Toaster.

          Rysher Entertainment.

          SafeWay supermarket (location unknown - presumed Vancouver).
            Amiga cake decorator.

  New>    Sainsbury, UK supermarket.
            Used networked A4000's, (possibly as many as 150 machines)

          SAS, Scandinavian airline.
            Uses/used Amiga and Scala, for displaying various info.

          Scandinavium, hockey arena, Gothenburg, Sweden.
            Uses/used Amiga 4000 to display graphics on the big Jumbotron display.

  New>    Silja Line, boat ferries, Finland - Sweden.
            Uses an Amiga 4000 and Scala to play the security instructions
            and boat information channel.

          Skydome, Toronto.
            Tourist information for the city of Toronto.

          Snap, music group (country unknown).

          Sonic Cable Television (use unknown).

          Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas.
            Amigas and DataWeb used to research signal auralization studies.
            Realtime data acquisition and signal processing in labs.

          Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, Maryland.
            Amiga used to display spacecraft statistics in lobby.
            Video Toaster used for in-house video bulletin board.

          Stanford Linear Accelerator (use unknown).

          Survival Research Labs (location unknown).
            Amiga 2000 used and shown in documentary video.

          St. Clair Interactive Communications.
            K-Mart Coupon Center.
            SEATS Theater Seat Booking System.

          SVT, Swedish television company.
            Custom made Amiga video editing system.
            "No specially made Amigas, but a range of Amiga computers,
            and video editing stuff, specially made for SVT".

          TCI cable television.

          Toaster Marmalade of California.

          TV4, Swedish television company, Sweden.
            Used A4000, Imagine, AdPro etc, for creating and displaying numbers and
            other stuff in real-time, in a game-show called "TipsBingo".
            Amigas used for another game-show, called "BingoLotto".

          TV Art, TV Palma, TV Pink, TV Politika, TV SOS, Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

          TVCG, Podgorica, Yugoslavia.

          TV LAV, Vrsac, Yugoslavia.

          TV Pancevo, TV Ritam, Pancevo, Yugoslavia.

          TV Sälen, Sälen, Sweden.
            Uses Amiga and Scala for displaying weather, slope and entertainment info.

          United Video of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
            Makers of Prevue Guide.

          Universal Studios.

 Updated> Urkraft, Active Television (Skellefteå's local TV-station), Sweden.
            Uses Amiga computers and Scala for their work.
            Two A1200 with ScalaMM300 for adding text to various stuff that has
            been filmed.
            And two A4000 with Scala InfoChannel 500, used for their information channel,
            that covers most of Skellefteå, which reaches about 14 000 households.
            I know this, because I work there!


          Virgin Megastore, London, UK.
            Uses an Amiga with a genlock to overlay news about
            forthcoming releases, etc. onto video displays.

            Dactyl Nightmare, virtual reality coin-op game.

          Walt Disney Productions.
            Animated movies and television series.
            Video Toaster workstations.
            Mickey's Magical Fountain controlled by Amiga 3000.
            Computerized water effects, stage show, dinosaur, explosions.
            Pleasure Island controlled night-time fireworks, lasers, and music.

          Warner Bros., motion picture company.
            "Animaniacs", animated cartoon television series.
            "Babylon 5", motion picture, television series.

          Wolverhampton Wanderers, (football club) in England.
            Uses Amiga to generate their large video walls,
            (2 of them) in the ground (Molineux).

          ZDF, German television company.
            Uses/used AMIGA to make overlays, titeling etc.

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