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          Amiga Expo Mexico.

          BC Hydro multimedia exhibit in Vancouver, Canada.

          Bit.Movie computer art competition in Riccione, Italy.

          Consumer show in Tel-Aviv, Israel, July 1993.
            Two video walls containg 64 monitors displaying Amiga generated
            graphics overlayed onto Coca Cola commercials. Amiga 3000 and
            Scala MM211 controlled two video disc players and two video

          Epcot Center Interactive Displays.

          Exploratorium, science museum.
            Amiga 1000's and AmigaBASIC used for displays.

          Franklin Institute Science Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
            Amiga controlled exhibits for various purposes.
            Glimpse into the future, careers, and college database.
            1084 Video Monitor viewable by visitors to the museum.

          Guiness World of Records, England.
            Amiga controlled touchpads.

          Guiness World of Records, Empire State Building, New York.
            Touchpad displays for interactive quiz.

          Hawaii volcano museum (name unknown).
            Amiga used to display earthquakes and tremors in real time.

          IPISA, Incontro dei Programmatori Italiani per lo Sviluppo Amiga.

          Mac World Expo.
            Apple Computer video wall demonstrations.

          Ontario Science Center, Toronto, Canada.
            Amiga controlled robot arms and weathermaps.

          Science World video display in Vancouver, Canada.

          World of Commodore-Amiga Show
            New York City, New York.
            Pasadena, California.
            Sidney, Australia.
            Toronto, Canada.

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