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          Andy Warhol, painter (deceased).

          Arthur C. Clarke, science fiction author.
            "The Hammer of God".
            "Ghost from the Grand Banks".

          Bela Fleck and the Flecktones.
            "Three Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", graphics by Bob Anderson.

          Betty Boo, musician.
            Amiga used in production of her first album.
            Amiga used as a sequencer in her first tour.

          Bill Davey.
            Did an one time animated opening extravaganza for the Portland
            Trail Blazers when they moved into the Rose Garden.

          Billy Idol, musician.
            NewTek Video Toaster.
            Amiga generated video walls.
            Appeared on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", October 1993.

          Bobby Brown, musician.
            Bars and Pipes Professional used in music production (album unknown).

          Brad Carvey, brother of Dana Carvey.
            An original designer of the NewTek Video Toaster.

          Carel Struycken "Lurch Addams", actor in the movie Addams Family.
            Also played as "Mr. Homn" in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
            In real life owns an Amiga and a Video Toaster.

  New>    Cassandra Gaston, videographer/filmmaker.

          Charles Kowal, astronomer.
            Discoverer of Chiron, 2nd most distant asteroid
            Leda, Jupiter's 13th moon.
            Several comets (name unknown).
            Extra-galactic supernovae (names unknown).
            Author of "Asteroids; Their Nature and Utilization".

          Chris Stein, musician (of Blondie)(unconfirmed).

  New>    Christian Mumenthaler.
            Created the graphics for Front Line Assemblys album "Caustic Grip" from 1992.
            Also wrote an article in the Front 242 fanzine "Transmission" where he
            recommended Amiga as a graphics computer.
            He also created the Amiga games "Colonial Conquest I & II".

          Craig Paup, a local Portland Amiga-Animator.
            Used an Amiga-Toaster-Flyer setup for the opening animation you see at
            Act III movie theatres that "demo" their Dolby Digital THX surround
            sound system. That animation was Amiga Light-Wave generated.

          Danny Elfman, have made the music for Batman etc.
            Used Amiga in his music production.

          David Stringer, TVOntario.

          Dick Van Dike, actor.

          Jim Blashfield.
            Did music videos and movies for Michael Jackson among others.
            Using Amigas ofcourse.

          Joe Rockhopper, Area52 spokesmodel.

  New>    John McFee, Doobie Brothers.

  New>    Kelly Craven, session drummer.

  New>    Louis Gentle, opera singer.

          Matt Groening, creator of "The Simpsons".

          Paul Stookey, of "Peter, Paul, and Mary".
            Amiga used in private recording studio in Maine (city unknown).

          Penn Jillette, Magician/Comedian (of Penn and Teller).

          Prince, formerly known as the Artist.
            Have used Amiga and Bars n Pipes.

          Rick Green, TVOntario.
            "Prisoners of Gravity".

          Star Trek: The Next Generation actors.
            Carel Struycken, "Mr. Homn".
            Wil Wheaton, "Ensign Wesley".

 Updated> Stu Cook (former Creedence Clearwater Revival's bassist).
            Used an A3000T in his recording studio.

          Steven Spielberg, motion picture director.
            "Jurassic Park", previsualization by Amblin Imaging.
            "seaQuest DSV", special effects, underwater craft.

          Todd Rundgren, musician.
            "Change Myself", music video.
            "Fascist Christ", music video.
            "Property", music video.
            "Theology", music video.

          Tony Little, exercise tapes (as seen on TV).
            Video Toaster produced exercise tapes.

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