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 *Programs and TV-series*

          "Alf", NBC.
            Alf uses an Amiga for stock trading.

          "Amazing Stories", television series, NBC.

          "Animaniacs", animated television series by Warner Bros.

          "Babylon 5", science fiction television show by Warner Bros., 1993.
            Emmy Award winning show, special effects.
            Created by Foundation Imaging in California.

          "Bionic Showdown", NBC.
            Amiga used to create readouts of bionic parts for the Bionic Man.

          "Clarissa Explains it All", Nickelodeon.

          "Cyberspace 3D", public access programming in Portland, Oregon.

  New>    "Ebba & Didrik", Swedish tv-series for kids.
            Amiga 500 and "Sword of Sodan" spotted.

          "Entertainment Tonight", entertainment news magazine.

            Amiga 500 + 1084 monitor spotted. (Not confirmed.)

          "F/X" Cameron Daddoo, Christina Cox, Rysher.
            Newer models of 1084S used as props.
            Video Toasters used.

          "Golden Years", television mini-series, created by Stephen King.

          "Goof Troop", animated television series, Walt Disney Productions.

          "KNAG-tv" television series about Amiga in 46 episodes!
            Famous Amiga people that were interviewed:
            Jim Cuomo, Kellen Beck, Martin Hash, Jay Miner etc...

          "Kung Fu Legend" Kwai Chang Caine
            Amiga Workbench visible.

          "Miami Vice", television series.
            Amiga 1000's and video displays used as props.

          "Montel Williams Show", daytime talk show.

          "My Secret Identity", television series, PBS.

          "Mysteries Beyond the Other Dominion", SciFi Channel.
            Produced by Toaster Marmalade of California.

          "Neighbors", Australian television soap opera.

          "Nick Arcade", Nickelodeon.

          "Not From New Orleans", television series, KVPT PBS.

          "Quantum Leap".
            Morph effects produced by The Post Group using MorphPlus.

          "Robocop", television series.
            Graphics created with Lightwave 3D.

          "Roboflight", SciFi Channel.

          "Rush Limbaugh", political satirist.

          "Prisoners of Gravity", TVOntario.

          "seaQuest DSV", NBC.
            Starring Roy Scheider.
            Effects produced by Amblin Imaging and 60 Video Toasters.

          "Sifl and Olly", MTV.
            Used Amiga with genlock and various gfx programs.

          "Tail Spin", animated television series, Walt Disney Productions.

          "The Edge" promotional commercial.
            Produced by Digital Fantasy.
            Amusement park ride in California.

          "The Flash", television series.
            Amigas used as props in an arcade, running "Shadow of the Beast".

          "Total Panic", Nickelodeon.
            Mandala interactive video walls.

          "Unsolved Mysteries".
            Video Toaster effects created by Joe Conti.

          "Wheels in the Wind", television series, (station unknown).
            Video Toaster produced.

          "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego", PBS & Walt Disney

          "Wild Side", Nickelodeon.

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