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          Banting Memorial High School, Alliston, Ontario.
            Video Toaster equipped Amiga 2500.

          CalArts College, (city unknown), California.
            Courses in animation, 3D modeling, and video production using
            Amigas and Video Toasters.

          California State University at Fresno.
            Media Services Department.
            AmiLink A/B roll time code editing.
            Video Toaster animated logos and graphics.
            MIDI music produced with Dr T's KCS 3.5 sequencer and SuperJam.
            Video production classes using AmiLink.
            Recipients of 3 national awards for videos and TV Programs.

          Charles Sturt University, (city unknown), Australia.
            Electronic art, multimedia, and medical imaging.
            Image analysis and geographic information systems.

          College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York.

          Conestoga College, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.
            Has a 4000T with Video Toaster/Flyer as part of their excellent
            Broadcasting course. It is used to teach students non-linear video

          Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa.
            2 television stations produced using Video a Toaster.
            Titles and special effects for student productions.

          Fresno Community College, Fresno, California.
            Amiga 1200 based information and student services kiosk.

  New>    Nackagymnasiet, Nacka, Sweden.
            Many Amiga 4000 were used.

          Olympia High School of Olympia, Washington, desktop video production.

          Remsen Central School, Remsen, New York.
            Word Processing and Scala, using 10 A1200's and 1 A3000.

          School of commerce, Kolding, Danmark,
            Amiga 4000 and Scala used for an information channel
            so the students are up to date.

          Sherwood Secondary School, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

          State University of New York
            Albany, Mathematics Department.
            Oswego, Graphics Department.
            Stony Brook, campus television station (unconfirmed).

          State University of New York at Albany, New York.
            Amigas running Maple V used to teach Calculus.

          State University of New York at Oswego.
            Graphics Department.
                Animation and Video Toasters.
                Macintosh emulation using AMAX IV.

          State University of New York at Stony Brook.
            Campus television station (unconfirmed).

  New>    Sturegymasiet, Halmstad, Sweden.
            A couple of A4000 and A600HD with genlocks were used.

  New>    Teesside University, UK.
            Used about 40x A2000's for art and video work.

          Tulane University.
            TSTV, Tulane Student Television.
            Live switcher for video broadcasts.
            Live switcher for Tulane Women's Basketball.

          Tulsa Junior College of Oklahoma, desktop video production.
            Desktop Video Production Associates Degree.
            Two year degree on using the Amiga and the Video Toaster.

          UK music studio of unknown deaf vibraphone player.
            Bars and Pipes Professional used in music production.

          University of South Florida, (city unknown), Florida.
            Beginner and Advanced Computer Graphics (use unknown).

          University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida.
            Computer Animation Classes (use unknown).

          University of Toronto (unconfirmed).
            Net Trek server.

          Utah State University, Logan, Utah.
            Courses in video production using Video Toasters.
            Courses in Authoring Systems using AmigaVision and CanDo.
            Communications Department use for community news broadcasts.

          Walton High School, Marietta, Georgia

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