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Infinitiv 1500

Developer: Micronik
Launch date: 1997

Infinitiv tower case

The Infinitv 1500 systems are located at the high-end of Micronik's A1200-based tower systems. The extra space provided by the Micronik tower upgrade allows greater expansion opportunities, through the added Zorro interface. Unlike the mid-range A1400, the i1500 is fitted with a Z3i busboard, providing Zorro 3 expansion slots. The Z3i board features:

  • 5 x Zorro III (Zorro II and Zorro III compatible)
  • 1 x ISA slots
  • 3 x PCI slots (for cheap PCI cards)
  • SCSI controller
  • A4000 CPU slot

Unfortunately the PCI slots are under utilized, requiring a bridgeboard or a Penitrator (Pentium-on-a-card) to work. The first active PCI interface would not appear for a further three years (2000) on the Mediator expansion board. A second limitation is that the Zorro III interface can only be used in conjunction with a A4000 CPU accelerator. If an A1200 trapdoor accelerator is fitted, the machine is restricted to Zorro II. These machines are available in several variations, according to the processor (68020, 040, or 060 accelerators), as well as the inclusion of a Picasso IV and the amount of Fast RAM.

The tower itself can be obtained separately if you already have an A1200. The Micronik tower comes with two 5.25" and two 3.5" bays, intended for floppy and hard disk usage. In the event that the tower is filled, additional drive bays can be purchased and attached onto the top of the machine.

Price on release: £629.90

Infinitiv A1500 plus

The same as above, with the addition of an integrated Scandoubler allowing the connection of SVGA or multiscan monitors. 

Infinitiv II A1500

The Infinitiv II A1500 is the same specification as the Infinitiv A1500, but comes fitted inside the new Infinitiv II Tower case.

View advert for the Infinitiv case (75k)


Last Update: 15/12/2002



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