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Developer: Mac the Knife
Announced: 28th October, 1998

On the 28th of October 1998 at 12:46pm, a web site based upon the popular news stand magazine, MacWeek printed a story by a character known as "Mac the Knife" that announced the direction of the Next Generation Amiga. This was around 1 month before Amiga Inc announced their partnership with QNX but revealed a number of details about the "new system." The first was its codename, "Lazarus". This is quite a fitting name as Lazarus is a biblical figure that was bought back from the dead by Jesus Christ according to the New Testament. The parallels between this and the Amiga are quite obvious. Since 1994, Amiga users have hoped that its owners would bring the system back from the brink of obscurity.

Over the last two years the Apple Macintosh community has looked to the Amiga with a lot of interest, taking it more seriously than it ever did in the past, and has mentioned Amiga PPC-based systems such as the A/Box, Pre/Box and Lazarus as potential allies. This rumour was spread using a usually highly-respected Mac E-zine, from information provided by an individual known as "Mac the knife," leading many to conclude that it was genuine. Amiga Inc. immediately announced some damage control with a series of statements that unveiled the Lazarus machine as a fake. Gary Peake, owner of Team Amiga added that it was a planted story to coincide with the closing of the Lazarus pirate games site by an unknown figure (our bets are on Cancer man).

The "new" system was, or is, to run AmigaOS 4.0 on a 266MHz PowerPC G3 and Intel processors. It is also supposedly able to run Mac software through some form of native Mac 68040 emulation, as well as a 3Gb hard drive, 15" monitor, 16MB SDRAM, 32x CD-ROM, two USB ports, two RS-232C serial ports, EPP port, SVGA video port, four PCI slots, three Zorro slots, a V.90 56-kbps modem, a SCSI 3 port. and the choice of either a high density or Zip drive.. An optional extra will also include the BeOS system.

Mac the Knife claims that the hardware will also be capable of running BeOS and the Mac OS (though only in 68040 emulation). These will be available for around $1,400.

Just a few days later Amiga Inc. issued a rumour control stating that the Lazarus system was not the new Amiga. The first was issued by Fleecy Moss on the Comp.sys.amiga.misc newsgroup followed by a press statement by Bill McEwen,

Thu, 29 Oct 1998 08:12:36
Mac the knife? Mac the Naff more like...
fleecy moss at Black Sheep Enterprises

For those concerned about the recent Mac the Naff article describing LazyRus, the new snoozy walrus rumoured to be breeding up in the flat, flat lands of South Dakota, please rest assured that this story is about as factual as a Milosevic peace accord. 

We would never present the Amiga community with something so ordinary. 

Whilst Apple and all their little pips may be happy with an average machine stored in a translucent blue potty, we are set to rewrite the manifesto for the digital information revolution. 

...unfortunately, as with most good things, it takes time. 

An Open Letter to the Amiga Community - October 29, 1998

The recent article in MacWeek concerning the Gateway/Amiga computer is completely false.

While entertaining reading there is no truth to the story.

I am sure that we will all look forward to the next story from another non-Amiga publication, as they try to get it right.

Thank you again for your support.

Bill McEwen
Head of Marketing, Amiga Inc.
Fax 425-413-2640

(C) 1998 Amiga Inc.


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