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Ralph Schmidt responds to criticism that MorphOS is 'stolen' AmigaOS code

Towards the final stages of 2001 tension between the MorphOS and AmigaOS camps were high. Several flame wars broke out on various Amiga mailing lists, news groups, and web boards. In one particular thread on MooBunny, Ralph Schmidt hit back at claims that MorphOS was based upon AmigaOS sources. This is his response:

Re: MorphOS copyright/patent issues?
Ralph Schmidt. laire@t-online.de.
To make it simple...MorphOS is *not* based on AmigaOS source. MorphOS does *not* compile AmigaOS modules despite what some wannabe lawyer claims.

MorphOS is based on own work..where should i find a C Exec for PPC ? Everybody knows Exec is in asm...

There were *3* books by Dr. Ruprecht with CBM DE blessing which contain a *full documented* resource of most OS 1.3 parts. Most OS structures are public or *were* public. I have all RKMs from 1.1 to 3.1 anyway..not to speak about the Gurubook and all informations CBM ever released to developers.
The whole OS is quite transparent to the *experienced* developers.

It's no rocket science to replace the math library functions, ramlib, programming the devices like input,keyboard,gameport. These devices are completely different anyway for the Pegasos. The timer.device is just a wrapper to the Quark TimeServer.

The Expansion.library is just a wrapper to the Quark ConfigServer filesystem, like our own pci library we did for the GRex.

We have the graphics technology for..mhh..10 years by now. Domimo, Picasso2, CyberGraphX..that's the history of its development. To steal this we could only steal from ourselves.

We have our own scsi..this also includes filesystem.resource basicly and general knowledge how the strap,boot modules work, network drivers are also our own. Oops..but i have never seen a Symbios 770 driver in the OS

The ramdisk is from Bernard Moellemann

SFS was contributed to us by its author which we also opened to AROS and 68k AmigaOS usage.

We have our own cdrom filesystem since about 91.

Some amiga hw modules were done by Piru Sintonen..like misc,battmem, card..only useful for old Amigas

Dos,Intuition are ported AROS modules by Emmanuell Lesueur..not even by me. Ported in this sense means heavily *extended* because
these AROS modules aren't really binary compatible and need a lot other fixes which AROS gets back to improve their own product.

ppc.library is just a wrapper obviously based on our own technology

wosemu is also a wrapper developed by Teemu Suikki

bootmenu technology...what's the problem to scan the expansion base and display the contents in some listview ?..we had our extensive
bootmenu in the scsi for years. console and conhandler are by Emmanuel Leseuer...

what's left is trackdisk.device which we won't redo...maybe port some public source one.

Our IDE is developed on our scsi technology.

Quark is developed by me...complete my technology and not magicly stolen from Hyperion's masterminds.

The Hal is also my technology..not based on the "AmigaOne pci library":-)

MUI is also not based on amiga technology...there's nothing that sophisticated comparable to it anyway we could have "stolen".

The emulation is not stolen from UAE...the 10MB static emulation sources are mine...not resourced from the AmigaOS 4.0.

The trans emulation is not stolen from UAE...it has no PPC jit..neither have i ever looked at it. The JIT is based on my and Teemu Suikki's work...oops
we've also not stolen it from AmigaOS 4.0

Oops..the VM is also not stolen from AmigaOS 4.0...it's written by Emmanuel Lesueur based on Quark technology.

Module X is developed by Y and it's just a wrapper based on our own technology. (Some not yet revealed work:-)

Enough for now...




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