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Haage & Partner PPC Amiga

IBM POP - an example of the machine that would run H&P AmigaOS

Developer: Haage & Partner
Announced: October 1999

After the cancellation of the Amiga MCC in the latter half of 1999, the Classic Amiga once again became the primary focus of development. After some negotiation with Gateway, Haage & Partner announced plans to port the AmigaOS to the IBM POP specification. Their plans were similar to previous announcements made in 1988 to develop a PPC-based Amiga for Gateway. The only difference was that H&P would develop the OS alone, without support for Phase 5 (whom were a few months away from liquidation) or Gateway. At the time it was indicated a working version would be available/demonstrated by the fourth quarter of 2000.

As expected, the 68k CPU would be emulated in software. There were also plans by COSA to open source certain portions of the Amiga OS for development and incorporation into other projects. The purchase of all rights to the Amiga by Amino Developments ended H&P's plans to solely develop the OS. The PPC OS path was pursued in 2001 by a joint project, developed between Amiga Inc, Hyperion and Eyetech.

Operating System Amiga OS 4.0
Developer Haage & Partner
Main Processor PowerPC
68k processor Emulated in software
Motherboard IBM POP design

View a second image of the POP motherboard (32k)

Last Update: 15/12/2002



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