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Amiga DE Party Pack
Developer: Amiga Inc/Tao Group
Platform: Linux & Windows9x/NT
Price: 99 US Dollars
Date of launch: June 11th, 2001

In a move to promote the Amiga market during the slow summer months, Amiga Inc. launched a limited-edition release of the Amiga DE package, available in two variations for the Linux and Windows platform. An initial one week-only release was planned for June 11th - 16th, but this was extended to the 22nd of June due to overwhelming demand.

Over the next two weeks it became a common occurence for members to post their e-mail 'recipts' as proof of their support for the new Amiga.

> Thank you for your order of the AmigaDE Party Pack. Your order has been
> shipped via Airborne Express and should be to you soon. You can track the
> shipment of your package at Your Airborne tracking
> number is ***********.
> Best Regards,
> Tarah Mallo
> Customer Service
> Amiga, Inc.

The purchase of the Party Pack guaranteed the buyer to an insight into the current Amiga developments (NDA permitting) and a deposit on future developments.

Screenshot 1 Screenshot2

The bundle includes:

  • Amiga DE v1.1 pre-release
  • Several sample Amiga DE applications and games
  • one year of free Amiga DE updates
  • A 100 US dollar discount coupon that can be exchanged for a free copy of AmigaOS 4.0 and 4.2, or a discount on the AmigaONE PPC/1200 cost (when these are made available).

In a June 2002 Executive Update Bill McEwen indicated that Amiga Inc. had actually lost money on the Party Packs, but it had allowed them to show the Amiga board of directors that they should build a new Amiga computer.

View Amiga DE Party Pack press release
View Party pack construction ball (17.4k)

Party Pack screenshots taken by Rick.


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