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Since the Amigas inception it has been influenced by a number of people who have changed the system in some way. People who have either improved or in one particular case, severely damaged the Amiga. Here is a list of people who have altered the Amiga scene.

Mehdi Ali- A former boss at Commodore who made a number of bad decisions, including cancelling the A3000+ project and the release of the A600. He has been largely blamed for the fall of Commodore during 1994 and is universally disliked by most Amiga users.

Greg Berlin- Responsible for high-end systems at Commodore. He is recognised as the father of the A3000.

David Braben- Single-handedly programmed Frontier: Elite II and all round good egg.

Andy Braybrook- Converted all his brilliant C64 games to Amiga, and got our eternal thanks.

Martyn Brown- Founder of Team 17. Not related to Charlie.

Arthur C. Clarke- Author of the famous 2001AD book and well known A3000 fan.

Jason Compton- Amiga journo, responsible for the brilliant Amiga Report online mag.

Wolf Dietrich- head of Phase 5 who are responsible for the PowerUP PowerPC boards.

Jim Drew- Controversial Emplant headman who has done a great job of bringing other systems closer to the Amiga.

Lew Eggebrecht- Former hardware design chief.

Andy Finkel- Known as the Amiga Wizard Extraordinaire. He was head of Workbench 2.0 development, as well as an advisor to Amiga Technologies on the PowerAmiga, PPC-based Amiga system. He currently works for PIOS.

Fred Fish- Responsible for the range of Fish disks and CDs.

Steve Franklin- Former head of Commodore UK.

Keith Gabryelski- head of development for Amiga UNIX who made sure the product was finished before faxing the entire Amiga Unix teams resignation to Mehdi Ali.

Irving Gould- The investor that allowed Jack Tramiel to develop calculator and, eventually desktop computers. He did not care about the Amiga as a computer but saw the opportunity for computer commodification with the failed CDTV.

Simon Goodwin- Expert on nearly every computer known to man. Formerly of Crash magazine.

Rolf Harris- Tie me kangaroo down sport etc. Australian geezer who used the Amiga in his cartoon club.

Allen Hastings- Author of VideoScape in 1986, who was hired by NewTek to update the program for the 90's creating a little known application called Lightwave, the rendering software that for a long time was tied to the Video Toaster. This has made a huge number of shows possible, including Star Trek and Babylon 5.

Dave Haynie- One of the original team that designed the Amiga. Also responsible for the life saving DiskSalv. He has been very public in the Amiga community and has revealed a great deal about the proposed devices coming from Commodore in their heyday. His design proposal on the AAA and Hombre chipsets show what the Amiga could have been if they had survived. He also played an important part in the development of the Escom PowerAmiga, PIOS, and the open source operating system, KOSH.

Larry Hickmott- So dedicated to the serious side of the Amiga that he set up his own company, LH publishing.

John Kennedy- Amiga journalist. Told the Amiga user how to get the most of their machine

Dr. Peter Kittel- He worked for Commodore Germany in the engineering department. He was hired by Escom in 1995 for Amiga Technologies as their documentation writer and web services manager. When Amiga Technologies was shut down he worked for a brief time at went to work for the German branch of PIOS.

Dale Luck- A member of the original Amiga team and, along with R.J. Mical wrote the famous "Boing" demo.

R. J. Mical- member of the original Amiga, Corp. at Los Gatos and author of Intuition. He left Commodore in disgust when Commodore choose the German A2000 design over the Los Gatos one, commenting "If it doesn't have a keyboard garage, it's not an Amiga."

Jeff Minter- Llama lover who produced some of the best Amiga games of all time and has a surname that begins with mint.

Jay Miner(R.I.P.)- The father of the Amiga. Died in 1994. Before his time at Amiga Corp. he was an Atari engineer and created the Atari 800). He was a founding member of Hi-Toro in 1982 and all three Amiga patents list him as the inventor. He left Amiga Corp after it was bought by Commodore and later created the Atari Lynx handheld, and during the early 1990's continued to create revolutionary designs such as adjustable pacemakers.

Mitchy- Jay Miner's dog. He is alleged to have played an important part in the decision making at Amiga Corp. and made his mark with the pawprint inside the A1000 case.

Urban Mueller- Mr. Internet himself. Solely responsible for Aminet, the biggest Amiga, and some say computer archive in existance. Responsible for bringing together Amiga software in one place he deserves to be worshipped, from afar.

Peter Molyneux- Responsible for reinventing the games world with Syndicate and Populous. He is also famed for being interviewed in nearly every single computer mag imaginable IN THE SAME MONTH.

Bryce Nesbitt- The former Commodore joker and author of Workbench 2.0 and the original Enforcer program.

Paul Overaa- Amiga journalist. Helped to expand the readers knowledge of the Amiga.

David Pleasance- the final MD of Commodore UK and one-time competitor for the Amiga crown. Owes me 1 PENCE from World of Amiga '96.

Colin Proudfoot- Former Amiga buyout hopeful.

George Robbins- He developed low-end Amiga systems such as the unreleased A300, which was turned into A600, the A1200 and CD32. He was also responsible for Amiga motherboards including B52's lyrics. After losing his driver's license, Robbins literally lived at the Commodore West Chester site for more than a year, showering in sinks and sleeping in his offices.

Eric Schwartz- Producer of hundreds of Amiga artwork and animations.

Carl Sassenrath- helped to create the CDTV, CDXL and has recently developed the Rebol scripting language.

Kelly Sumner- Former head of Commodore UK. Now head of Gametek UK.

Bill Sydnes- A former manager at IBM who was responsible for the stripped down PCjr. He was hired by Commodore in 1991 to repeat that success with the A600. However, at the time the Amiga was already at the low-end of the market and a smaller version of the A500 was not needed.

Petro Tyschtschenko- Head of Amiga International, formerly Amiga Technologies. Responsible for keeping the Amiga on track since 1995.



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