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Dear Friends, Colleagues and Fellow Amigans, 

It is with a heavy heart that I am sad to announce my coming retirement from the Amiga community. As you all undoubtedly know, I have been a loyal promoter of the Amiga platform for nearly twenty years since it was first broadly introduced by Commodore in the early 1980s. Later through the difficult years with Commodore and Escom I worked tirelessly with many of you to 'Keep The Dream Alive.' Now as the new Millennium has dawned, it is time for some of us older Amigans to pass the torch on to those who still have the vigor to take Amiga onward. 

With these fond memories foremost in my mind, the time has nevertheless come for me to fade from the scene. Effective at the end of this year we will close all operations and offices in Germany. By then I expect our stock of finished goods will be nearly gone. I will continue to finalize the details of the closure through the end of March next year. I will also continue to your efforts in whatever way I can, consistent with my retirement. I hope all of you can find it in your hearts to wish me well. 

In the mean time please address your questions and concerns to Bill McEwen and his staff in America. I remain confident in their commitment to realize the continued aspirations of Amigans everywhere. 

Petro Tyschtschenko
D-63225 Langen, Germany 
23 October 2000



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