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Bill McEwen - November 2, 2002

Greetings One and All:

What a great weekend is in store for Amiga and those attending the World of Amiga, and for those of you not attending I am sure that you will be pleased with the progress that we have made as a company towards shipping new products.

As you may remember from our last update we have broken up the company into two separate units. We have the desktop team focusing their attention on the AmigaOne and OS 4.0, and we have the Mobile Team who is focusing their attention on Amiga Anywhere and the content creation and distribution on the various products and platforms that we support.

These changes and the amazing hard work is now ready to be shown and announced to all of you. Not only are you going to see new products, but we have been able to sign up some pretty heavy hitters with regards to new distribution and new retail availability of these new products.

The Desktop team is focused on new products and services for the Amiga community, and the Mobile team is focused on products and services that are for the extended Amiga community, with our initial offerings targeted at the Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition, and the SmartPhone. Our first customer for the SmartPhone was announced with Sendo as our partner for their Z100 phone, and now you will read about our next offering for PocketPC and PocketPC phone edition below.

Now we can begin the transformation from a development company to a company shipping products that you are able to go out and purchase for yourselves.

With the above mentioned, here we go:

1. The office is moving and we will have the new address, and contact information up in the next week. So there is no need to worry about what is happening with the office, the change has been good for us. We needed to move into an area that is closer to the services and to the companies that we are working with.

2. AmigaOne is ready to fly, and I have attached the news from Eyetech here with this update. So congratulations to all and the community for your new Amiga hardware.

3. OS 4.0 is almost complete, and the Hyperion team is working very hard to get everything ready. They were delayed by having to complete some low-level work on the AmigaOne, and with their work completed they are ready to crank out the last remaining bit of work to provide a stellar achievement and package.

4. There will be some announcements coming in the next couple of weeks from third parties who are now creating versions of their software for OS 4.0 and I have agreed not to steal their thunder but will have them make their own announcements first and then we will carry them on our site after they have made them.

5. Amiga Games Pocket Paks will be available around the Thanksgiving holidays through several resellers in the US and in England, including CompUSA and mmO2 in England. Yes, what you are reading is correct. Amiga Games Pocket Paks volumes one and two will be shipping and ready this year at 29.95 each from several authorized retailers in the US and through mmO2 retail locations in England. These Pocket Paks include 4 game titles each, and we have two more packs following. This is great news as thousands of new customers here and in England are going to be able to experience Amiga Content on their Pocket PC, and Pocket PC Phone Edition devices.

6. Amiga is also making available for release before Christmas Amiga SmartPhone Packs. These will be similar to the Pocket Paks, but targeted for the new SmartPhones coming out this year. As you know they will run on the new Sendo Z100, and they will be available for the new phones being offered by Orange also.

There are several more product announcements and partnerships coming in the next few weeks, but as mentioned before until it is real and ready, we will wait. So some very big news with the readiness of the AmigaOne and OS 4.0 within the last 10% of completion, and the availability of Amiga content being sold through National retailers in the US and England, I would have to say that we have been very busy indeed.

So again I thank you for your patience and support, and now the next steps in our development begins. The transformation from development of products to shipment of products, has begun. I am really looking forward to the next grouping of announcements, and product shipments.

Keeping the faith, and keeping it moving forward,

Bill McEwen and the rest of the Amiga Team

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