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Raquel & Bill clarifies concerns from the Amiga community

August 17th, 2002: ANN comment 67 "Pegasos news"

In reply to Comment 48 (DaveW):

Ok, here goes…

I think Post #48 is “spewing.” You made a highly personal attack and then you come off in Post #63 in a very self-righteous manner. I offered you an invitation to take offline what from your side you made personal first. Darrin and I did the same thing and if you read all the thread you will see there was more than an indication of reconciliation.

As you have indicated you are such a “person” that does not take “stuff” “lying down,” then you should have no problem with this – so then what is the problem? Post all your disagreement here; post all your opinions. We are not afraid to answer them point-by-point. Then we can let the thread decide. We have a desire and a responsibility to promote our products and a vision for them. Did we do something wrong to you? Perhaps, when you are fully informed you might even have another opinion on some of the issues.

We answer to posts in kind. We think there needs to be accountability here if the thread and the information shared are useful to others. Isn’t that the idea? I personally have a big problem with some of the things that cOrpse has to say, but he and I trade email regularly when we take exception to each other’s comments. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion. Our interest is in having everyone understand all the available information to form his or her opinions fully. Doing so with less is counterproductive to the subject/objective of the thread.

Why don’t you carefully read all the posts that you judge to be so inappropriate. “Dig up” anything you want. Post it here -- get everything on the table.

Alternatively, when were in the UK for the next Pegasos presentation why don’t you come? Talk to us eye to eye. I am sure you will find we are quite different from what you think we are like. You comment about Jason Compton on the other thread clues us in on how much you really know and how much speculation you rely on.

Finally (to more than just DaveW), we are not trying to leverage the “Amiga” brand at all. We have absolutely no interest in the brand “Amiga.” We are however very interested in many applications that have been developed for the amiga environment. Amiga Inc. does not own them and neither do they own the developers that wrote them or even the broader community. Amiga is a “spirit” of use with a hands-on technical mentality that appeals to us. We are looking foe people to help us make the Pegasos and later the eclipsis successful products. That is why we are here and believe me it has been a very successful recruiting tool for us.


If AmigaOS4.0 is fully finished and running natively on a PPC we will be happy for Hyperion and Amiga Inc. Undoubtedly, in this community there will be more than one person who will copy a legally obtained copy of the operating system onto the Pegasos. How will Amiga Inc. stop this? We cannot control this and neither can they. If AmigaOS4.0 becomes what it is claimed to be – great! We will sell a few more Pegasos machines. Thanks Hyperion! We wish them our best. We have absolutely nothing against this effort.


Please check out www.morphos-news for our latest post there in the associated comments section for a discussion on the G3 vs. G4 issues (I think it is Post #8). Even very code intensive fast twitch games are running fine on the G3 Pegasos. This is an adequate machine for 990f the market. The G4 is a great thing, but do not be deceived by clock speed. The G3s are also fine. For example, there is NOTHING in the Linux GUI that takes advantage of AltiVec. The speed of the Motorola G4s is nice, but AltiVec does nothing unless you are running Mac OS X (which is written for AltiVec) or single precision, 32-bit HPC code.


About smart cards from an email we received: “I can’t wait to have a smart card to take last night to tomorrow on Dungeon Siege.” You are right! We might add WarCraft III or Neverwinter Nights. It could make things pretty interesting. Plus, we see a cross language and cross cultural opportunity here that could promote more than just vanquishing the dark side.

Best regards and adios from beautiful Espana,

Raquel and Bill


Last Update: 1/9/2002


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