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AmigaOneG3-SE and AmigaOne-XE Earlybird Systems now on sale!

November 2, 2002 - Eyetech

We're there at last. Since the last update to the AmigaOne section of the Eyetech website last March we have had AmigaOne boards out with developers, and as a result of their feedback, the original firmware which we were to have shipped with the board (by Softex) has been replaced by specially adopted PPCBoot code. That, and identifying and fixing a minor problem with the Articia southbridge chip have resulted in us holding back shipments of the consumer version of the AmigaOneG3-SE until now.

Meanwhile work has continued on the AmigaOne-XE - with the replaceable cpu modules - and the price of G4 cpu's has fallen a bit, as we had all hoped. That means the we are now able to take orders for both the 600MHz G3-based AmigaOneG3-SE, and the 800MHz G4-based AmigaOne-XE, starting now, and for delivery before Christmas. A 700MHz G3 (750FX cpu) version of the AmigaOne-XE will be made available - at reduced cost - early in 2003.

But what about OS4 I hear you say - is that now ready? OS4 is now highly advanced, but no, is not currently ready for shipping, largely because Hyperion have had to divert a considerable amount of their time and effort in sorting out the AmigaOne's PPCBoot firmware. In my view, OS4 for the AmigaOne will ship early in 2003. So - and in response to much user and dealer demand - we are going to ship the AmigaOneG3-SE and -XL (both boards and pre-built systems) with a LinuxPPC and UAE installation. And - the best of all - those of you ordering an AmigaOne up to December 31st will be sent a free copy of OS4 as soon as it becomes available. That alone represents a saving of around 10% on an AmigaOneG3-SE system

This of course will not suit everybody, and if you want a switch-on-and-go AmigaOne system then this Earlybird offer is not for you. In this case I'm afraid that you have a few more weeks to wait. However if it does suit you then don't delay - the offer closes on 31st December 2003 or when OS4 becomes available, whichever comes first.

As for prices, these have been revised to reflect currency movements since last March, particularly the weakness of the US dollar. Your local dealer will have the local currency prices for the AmigaOne outside the UK and Eurozone. However the suggested prices in Europe - in UKP and Euro's - are as follows:

Board UKP Euro
AmigaOneG3-SE G3 750CXe @ 600MHz 360.00 580.00
AmigaOne-XL G4 7451@800MHz 450.00 725.00
AmigaOne-XL G4 7451@800MHz 500.00 800.00

*These prices exclude local taxes, shipping and (apart from the Earlybird offer) OS4.

As far as complete systems are concerned, your local dealer will be able to provide quotations for standard and custom built configurations. Sample prices and configurations for systems which we ourselves offer in the UK are on the Eyetch Website.

Below is a table listing the comparative features of the AmigaOneG3-SE and the two versions of the AmigaOne-XE

Item AmigaOneG3-SE AmigaOne-XL (G3) AmigaOne-XL (G4)
CPU 750CXe 750FX 7,451
CPU speed 600MHz 700MHz 800MHz
CPU upgradable No yes Yes
CPU socket No Yes Yes
Max memory 2GB 2GB 2GB
Memory Type DIMM Registered 233 DIMM Registered 233 DIMM Registered 233
Northbridge Articia 'S' with fix Articia 'S' with fix Articia 'S' with fix
Southbridge VIA 82C686B VIA 82C686B VIA 82C686B
PCI 33 MHz 4 Slots 4 Slots 4 Slots
PCI 66MHz 1 Slot 1 Slot 1 Slot
AGP Speed 2x 2x 2x
Ethernet chip 3COM 820C 3COM 820C 3COM 820C
USB Ports 2 back plate+2headers 2 back plate+2headers 2 back plate+2headers
PS2 ports Keyboard + mouse Keyboard + mouse Keyboard + mouse
Serial ports 2 x 16650 equiv. 2 x 16650 equiv. 2 x 16650 equiv.
Parallel port 1 x EPP/ECP 1 x EPP/ECP 1 x EPP/ECP
IRDA port On header On header On header
Firmware PPCBoot + OS4 enabler PPCBoot + OS4 enabler PPCBoot + OS4 enabler
O/S capability LinuxPPC + OS4 LinuxPPC + OS4 LinuxPPC + OS4
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