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Paris, France May 31, 2002 Thendic-France SARL, a subsidiary of Pretory USA Inc. (OTC: PTRU), an emerging technology-based leader in security, detection equipment and medical devices, today announced that is has shipped the first Pegasos PPC computer.  The Pegasos was developed by bplan GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany.  Thendic-France SARL has acquired the rights to organize and manage the worldwide distribution of the Pegasos.

"We are very excited to be moving ahead with the Pegasos on schedule.  We look forward to both developing a reseller network and a development community for the Pegasos. The next version of the Pegasos will be a handheld device and this important step moves us closer to our ultimate objectives," commented Raquel Velasco, Chairman of the Board.

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Pretory U.S.A. is a technology company with its core business in security, detection equipment and medical devices. Pretory currently markets a variety of security services. The Company currently includes on its client roster: Air France, Louis Vuitton
Moet Hennessey, the U.S. Government American Battle Monuments Commission, the French Ministry of the Interior, and the World ORT Union. Pretory's licensed product line includes the Pegasos and ComCam products (PowerPC based computing products), the products of Ion Track Instruments, the Sweat Scan (for single-use drug detection) and Cortez products (dip tests for the rapid qualitative detection of a variety of illegal drugs in urine). The proprietary products include software designed for the items mentioned above and the eclipsis, a PowerPC based handheld computer, which is currently under development.

Safe Harbor Statement: This release may contain certain forward-looking statements that are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Actual events or results may differ from Pretory's expectations.


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