Mai Logic Incorporated And Eyetech Group Limited Partner to Capture New Amiga Territory

FREMONT, CA. July 9, 2002. Mai Logic Incorporated, a technology design house of integrated circuits/systems, today announced an agreement with Eyetech Group Ltd. to distribute the Teron CX and PX development systems in Europe, and to distribute production systems based on the Teron CX and PX designs to the Amiga market worldwide. Terms of the agreement emphasized both companies' long-term commitment to foster an unshakeable partnership and to create a bright future for the Amiga customers and partners.

Eyetech in the Amiga Market
Since it was first conceived in 1985, the same vision that made the Amiga famous for multimedia development and delivery in studios, cable stations and with system developers and users, still gives the Amiga brand a high profile amongst multimedia developers and carries with it a highly skilled, vociferous and loyal user base. Thanks to a vast community of developers dedicated to using and updating Amiga's small footprint, high performance operating system, coupled with the advanced PPC technology enabled by MAI's Articia chipset series, the Amiga is once more perfectly positioned to become the most cost-effective delivery platform for 3D and graphic applications for the current decade and beyond.

"Eyetech has established itself as one of the leading providers of Amiga hardware and software Worldwide," said Alan M. Redhouse, Managing Director of Eyetech Group. "The high efficiency and mature, designed-in, multitasking capabilities of the Amiga OS means the new AmigaOne based on the Teron CX/PX's hardware architecture will deliver new levels of user responsiveness far greater than that of equivalently priced Wintel or Macintosh computers."

"We view the partnership with Mai Logic as an excellent example of a win-win relationship whereby both parties can combine their individual areas of expertise and collectively create a better product with optimal performance," added Alan.

Mai Logic's Platform Capabilities
Teron is the first and the only system that offers AGP support to Power PC processors. Its outstanding multimedia features make it a complete, turnkey package for gaming, presentation, and the entertainment industry as a whole.

The advanced Teron PX comes with a 300-pin MegArray connector, which provides extremely easy configuration to a range of development platforms driven by single- or dual- PowerPC microprocessor cards. Jason Hou, CEO of Mai Logic stated, "We are pulling together our high performance Teron PX with Eyetech Group's renowned technology in hardware and software solutions focused on the Amiga."

Mai Logic strengthens the ideal environment provided by Teron for system development by working with its software partners such as GDA Technologies, Inc. on Boot code development, ITC Infotech (USA), Inc. on Windows drivers design, and DATEC Software Solutions on multiple OS. This combination of technologies will allow developers to push the envelop in adding to Amiga's repertoire and advancing an operating system that once was years ahead of its competition. "With the vertical total system technologies in place, Mai Logic is in a position to undertake and execute complex turnkey development in the areas of ASIC, Board, Firmware, Real-Time Embedded systems and Systems applications," said Jason.

About Eyetech Group Limited
Headquartered in Stokesley, UK, Eyetech Group has been chosen by Amiga Inc as the developer and producer of the next generation of Amiga hardware to run the new, PPC-native, Amiga operating system OS4. As well as delivering and supporting systems for developers and end users Eyetech has pioneered the use of low cost, high reliability, high performance Amiga technology for use in industrial and multimedia delivery systems.

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Mai Logic Incorporated, A Technology Power House
With 30 invention patents granted, 100 more pending in the fields of IC design, security, and system engineering, Mai Logic proves itself again and again to be a technology power house. Mai Logic's innovations include: Intelligent Memory (iMemory), which enables the industry's first to run in-field DRAM fault detection and real-time fault recovery without the need of a system reboot; Control Pipeline allowing flexible timing on various system clocks and low power consumption; Genetic Computing for high-level security and privacy; and Floating Buffer to achieve a true concurrent system.

Mai Logic is a total solution IC system design house devoted to customer satisfaction.

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