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The Pegasos comes to life at the Amiga+Retro Show

Paris, France - November 23, 2002 Thendic-France SARL and bplan GmbH of Frankfurt, Germany have reached an agreement to merge and form a new company. The name of the new Company will be "Genesi". Genesi was incorporated this week under the supervision of PricewaterhouseCoopers in Luxembourg. Separately, Thendic-France has completed the necessary legal and financial steps to separate itself from Pretory USA Inc. and be acquired by Genesi. Genesi will begin operations from Luxembourg on 1 January 2003. The Pegasos is the new alternative in the PPC computing environment.

More details concerning the future of the Pegasos and MorphOS:

  • 1. The Pegasos will be commercially released at the Amiga+Retro Show in Aachen on December 7-9. All the key people involved in the development and future of the Pegasos, MorphOS and the eclipsis handheld will be present at the Show. This includes the entire bplan/MorphOS and Thendic-France team. The Pegasos will come with a two year warranty and customer support packaged backed by Genesi and its authorized Distributors.

  • 2. A special Aachen Christmas Fair Game Bundle Bonus will be available to all Amiga+Retro Show attendees. Anyone who purchases a Pegasos from any of the Authorized Retailers present at the Show will be able to obtain from the Thendic/bplan booth the Game Bundle Bonus that includes, Feeble Files, Software Tycoon, and Tales of Tamar. All three games and the first Genesi t-shirt are included in the Game Bundle Bonus for 50 Euros at the Show!!!

  • 3. Pegasos Distributors have been added in the USA, Canada and the UK and will become effective on-line and off-line in December 2002 and January 2003. For example, is coming soon! Also, an extremely prominent Russian IT distributor has formed a new company solely to distribute the Pegasos throughout the former USSR. A Pegasos show will be announced for Moscow shortly.

  • 4. Genesi will open an online web support center for Developers before 1 January 2003. Developers accredited by Genesi will be able to purchase the Pegasos, peripherals, and supporting tools and documentation at significantly reduced prices and may be eligible for financing from Genesi. Individuals willing to provide demonstrations to User Groups or start User Groups throughout the world, demo teams willing to create advertising oriented "demos" that demonstrate the ability of the Pegasos, and others willing to translate documentation into other languages, will also be given special purchase/payment opportunities.

  • 5. Genesi will participate in a number of prominent IT and Computer Expos and Fairs in 2003, including CeBIT and COMDEX. Genesi is willing to support any reasonable opportunity to demonstrate the Pegasos anywhere in the world. Genesi will highlight strategic relationships and new developments throughout the upcoming year at these venues. For example, Mai Logic Inc. of Fremont California will be featured at the Genesi booth at CeBIT as Mai has agreed to co-develop the new chipset for the eclipsis.

Come join the Genesi Team at the Amiga+Retro Show and the Weihnachtsmarkt in Aachen on 7-9 December. There will be plenty of Pegasos machines to try and test. The Pegasos in a variety of configurations will be available to purchase at the Show.

The Pegasos with MorphOS - get tuned in and turned on!

Points of Contact:

Raquel Velasco or Bill Buck
Genesi S..r.l
c/o PricewaterhouseCoopers S..r.l
400, route d'Esch
B.P. 1443 L-1014 Luxembourg


Last Update: 22/02/2003


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