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AMIGA 1000+

Developer: Commodore
Year of Announcement: 1991?

During the early 1990's Commodore were rumoured to be developing a machine called the A1000+. These rumours died down with the release of the A4000 and A1200 but resurfaced after Commodore went into liquidation. In an interview during 1994, Mike Sinz described the machine.

The A1000+ was a super-low-cost 2-slot AGA-based Amiga. Goal was to have this thing list at $999 including hard drive, 2 or 4 megs of RAM depending on RAM prices, keyboard, etc. It would have been about the size of the A1000 but without the keyboard storage area (no room for it) Really nice system. (And it was going to be either 14MHz or 28Mhz 68020 or 68EC030 system)
Dave Haynie has also commented on Usenet the A1000+ was to be a mid-range follow up to the A3000+ that used its own cost effective system architecture. On the processor speed, Dave differs from Mike Sinz, indicating it was an $800 25MHz AGA system, in a low-profile "near pizza box" case.

The A1000+ was cancelled soonafter, along with the A3000+ and Commodore released the A600. It was then decided to use some of the work done on the A1000+ and build a lower spec machine. The engineering team referred to this as the A1000jr. The machine was based upon the A1000+ design but dropped the AGA chipset in favour of ECS. Development on this system was then cancelled by marketing, who turned the A1000Jr design into the A3200.


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