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Developer: Commodore
Year of Development: 1986?

The Ranger was a mythical Amiga designed as a follow up to the Amiga 1000. Over the years the project has moved into legend with little solid information existing on the actual project. This makes exact system specification almost impossible to find. Dave Haynie gave the following thoughts on the Ranger in a Team Amiga posting,

The "Ranger" was the code-name for the A1000-followup
idea/project/notion/whatever being advocated by the Los Gatos Amiga
group. It may have been 68010 with or without simple MMU, or with 68020,
or with virtually any other magical thing you can imagine, including way
better Amiga chips (already designed and working, only Commodore refused
to release them), etc. Basically, "Ranger" became a kind of catch all for
anything anyone ever believed would have been done better had Los Gatos
not lost out over Commodore Germany's A2000 configuration (which, itself,
was nothing more than an A1000 with Zorro backplane attached and the slot
form-factor changed to permit this bridge card idea; Germany also being
where Commodore PCs came from, at the time). I of course inherited this
form factor and design spec when I took on the A2000-CR project in West
Chester. I did manage to improve a few details (real CPU slot, real Video
slot), as well as using the A500 architecture and integrating the
expansion logic.

There's no question a "Ranger" project did exist in some form at Los
Gatos. Far as I know, it was never completed, though I wasn't out there.
It made the transition from "legend" to "myth" over ten years ago, I'm
afraid, gaining new powers with each retelling, after the fashion of all
good myths.


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