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The Unreleased Amiga Timeline

The table below shows a timeline of some of the cancelled projects according to the year of the announcement. Many of these projects, such as Lazarus were only rumoured to have been developed. To find out which were real and which were not, go the Unreleased main page. The idea for this timeline representation came from a similar page at Cameron Kaiser's Secret Weapons of Commodore site. 
1982: Lorraine- the first prototype Amiga begins to take form.    
November 21st 1983: Atari and Amiga sign an agreement. The development of the Atari 1850XLD begins.
1984: CAOS falls behind schedule leading to the development of AmigaDOS 
  1990 - 1991: A number of ECS Amigas are prototyped by Commodore. A CDA-1 and CDA-2 prototype are also demonstrated.
1991: The followup to the A3000 is prototyped, going through numerous changes, becoming the A3000+

Newer Technology announce the development of an Amiga laptop called the Model 10. Commodore prevent the company from releasing it 

Sun approached Commodore, proposing an OEM version of the A3000 along with Amiga Unix. Commodore refused 

Rumour has it that Dec ported the AmigaOS to the Alpha processor.

1992: The Nyx was a complete AAA system prototyped by Dave Haynie  

November 1993: the prototype A1400 was allegedly due for release.

1993: George Gomez and Pat Lawlor create the HoloPin Pinball 2000.

1994: The A1800 is bandied about by various Amiga magazines as a possible new Amiga.
1995: Viscorp announce a license agreement with Amiga Technologies and the development of the ED.
1996: The A1200+ is announced. Amiga Technologies develop the machine into the Mind Walker.

Amiga Technologies demonstrate the Amiga Mind Walker prototype.

The Power Amiga is announced. A PowerPC system running a new version of the AmigaOS.
Both machines are cancelled when Escom go bust.

November: The A\box is announced from Phase 5

Viscorp announce the acquisition of the Amiga from Escom and the development of a new version of AmigaOS 3.3
They run out of money before the purchase is complete. 

Quikpak announce that if they buy the rights to the Amiga the OS will be developed for the Dec-Alpha

1997: The first version of the A5000 Amiga clone is announced from Power Computing

The A\box and TransAM is quietly cancelled when Gateway 2000 buy the Amiga

A misunderstanding by the Amiga community leads to the presumption that Amiga International are developing an 68080 processor.

March 1998: The pre\box is announced. The PPC-based Amiga clone is abandoned after the World of Amiga announcement that year. 

Micronik announce their desire to create an Amiga set top box, called the M-Box. The project was not pursued.

May 1998: Amiga Inc. are due to announce the creation of a new AmigaOS, based upon BeOS. At the last minute Amiga International cancel the deal because of the strings attached to licensing the BeOS kernel. 

June 1998: Impera announce Amiga-based slot machine. They are never heard again.

October 1998: Mac the Knife announces the new Amiga will be called Lazarus, based upon the G3 processor.

1999: Amiga cancel the MCC.
February 2000: phase 5 enter liquidation leading to the cancellation of the AMIRAGE K2.

September 2001: Eyetech abandon their original custom designed AmigaOne motherboard in favour of an off-the-shelf version.

October 2001: Mick Tinker announces the end of the long-running BoXeR saga.

Late 2001: The Amiga One v1.0 board is cancelled in favour of the Amiga One G3.

April 2002: Thendic announce that the Smart Boy has been cancelled.

2002: Nokia announce Media Terminal and cancel it soonafter.

Last Update: 13/8/2002



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