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Developer: W Industries/Virtuality
Launch date: October 1991

Standing on the 1000CS

Imagine an immersive world full of dinosaurs, skeletons and dwarfs. A world in which your friends' goal is to kill you. Imagine this running on an Amiga 3000. You've just entered virtuality!

VR Display

The Amiga played a pivotal role in the early development of consumer virtual reality systems when W Industries (later renamed to Virtuality) licensed the Amiga 3000 for use in their VR machines. The 1000CS was an immersive VR environment that used a 3D joystick to track user movement. This user movement is translated into a three dimensional display that is fed to the user via the "Virtuality Visette 1" headset. The technical specifications for these units were impressive at the time, but now look extremely limited:

Texture mapping capability No
Number of Polygon/second 30,000 flat shaded f: 20 f/s
Maximum No. of moving objects 256
Other Graphical Info Flat Shaded, TMS 34020 graphic processor with TMs 34082 coprocessor
Sound 1 Mb 8Bit sample memory (Stereo)
Background music Yes, CD audio
Maximum No. of locally networked units 4
Other Technical Description Mic-Net support, supports PAL

Only 350 units were created, with 120 of these being installed inside the US. The system was sold as a Stand alone Point of Display unit, retailing for $60,000. The machine went out of production during 1994. Second-hand units currently retail for around $10,000 - $20,000.

Description of 1000CS games reprinted with permission from the Atlantis Cyberspace web site.

Dactyl Nightmare

Dactyl Nightmare
Category: Shoot-em-up
Briefing Material available:
Debriefing Material available:

The Dactyl Nightmare experience has two derivatives. The pistol based "shoot-em-up" version, and a more advanced hand to hand combat version known as "Capture the Flag". The World's first discrete entertainment experience places the player in a surreal world of chequered platforms and Escher -like pillars and archways. Designed as a one to four player interactive Experience, in Training Mode the player must simply seek and destroy the other animated beings trapped in this alternative world with them -usually other human opponents in linked Cyberspace systems!
Advanced Mode brings axes, shields and crossbows, and more involved "Capture the Flag" gameplay where players must co-operate towards a common goal -bringing longevity to an easy-to-understand concept. The player soon forgets it's a world of fantasy, plunged into an ultrareal setting trying to avoid the menacing intentions of giant swooping pterodactyls in this game of unprecedented realism.

Legend Quest

Category: Adventure / Fantasy role play experience
Number of Designed Levels: 7 levels (10 rooms per level)
Base duration of game: 3 minutes
Max. duration of game: None
Briefing Material available: Yes (Video, Player guide)
Debriefing Material available: No

Legend Quest contains 3 discrete dungeons and dragons genre role play challenges (easy, tricky and hard). Supported by in-context training and help from the Compact Disc, the players choose their challenge and proceed to battle their way through each level. They receive a preset amount of time for their credit and can extend this to complete the level by fulfilling various tasks, which carry bonus time.
Set in the far off land of Khelda Roth, a once beautiful world is now gripped by the wrath of the god Nar-Gadrin; the mission is to help in the quest to banish this force of disorder and chaos to the universe from whence he came. This interactive role play adventure experience for the Cyberspace system enable the player to choose from a variety of characters and professions before they enter the underworld of Targ-Athuin. Noble Elf, true hearted Human or treasure loving Dwarf, each race has its own part to play in the liberation of Khelda Roth. Their chosen profession, of either nimble fingered Thief, courageous Warrior or worldly-wise Wizard, will enable the players to contribute their part in the challenges and tasks that await them in this fantasy world.
Entering the dungeon of Targ-Athuin ("Test of Men"), players experience the worlds first interactive Virtual Reality role play adventure using swords, long bows, magic spells and mental agility.


Category: Virtual reality puzzle

HERO is a virtual reality puzzle. Combat-free and full of surprises, HERO requires you to explore and to think on your feet. HERO has a lot of perspective dynamics which require you to turn your head and attention in the virtual landscape and to use your hand to pick up and use objects. Hero places you in the center of four doorways. Behind each door is a unique scene to explore. In each scene there is a letter which you must collect to win: the letters are H, E, R, and O. Collecting all four in the four minutes allotted make you a Hero!

Grid Busters

Category: Shoot-em-up
Number of Designed Levels: 1 scene, 2 skill levels
Base duration of game: 3 - 5 minutes defined by the operator
Briefing Material available: Yes (Video)
Debriefing Material available: No

Grid Buster is the last 1000CS Experience. It is a futuristic gladiatorial combat challenge for up to four players. Each player is equipped with a jet pack and a pulse rifle in a combat challenge set in a 21st century cyberbowl and brought to you live by Channel 655!

More screenshots can be found at the Museum of VR. BACK

Last Update: 22/6/2002



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